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Welcome to Southern Classic Home

      Growing up in the south, I've always loved the elegance of the old classic homes. The architecture and interiors inspired me even as a young child. I have many, many memories of being drug in and out of antique stores, old homes, and gardens  by my mother, as well as grandmothers in South Carolina and Virginia. It's hard to   be exposed to such things and not be influenced! I learned a lot about different periods  and styles of furniture,          classical proportion and symmetry, and the use of color. Over the years,  I've realized I gravitate  towards creating spaces that mix beautiful and sentimental family pieces with new and collected  items in a fresh yet timeless fashion, mixing in a touch of whimsey for fun. Light filled rooms that integrate the outside surroundings  are a personal favorite.  I believe we shouldn't take our homes too seriously, but that they should be a reflection of our  personality and interests. My passion is creating beautiful, harmonious spaces that help others  see their homes  in a new light.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I'm pleased to offer a variety of design services that reflect the comfort and beauty of timeless southern style, whether you are renovating or simply updating your home. I would love to discuss your project with you and help you create charming spaces that you will love for years to come.     


Design Consultation

Design of Additions and Renovations

Furniture and Decor 

Color palette design 

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